In some schools of Indian philosophy, human life is divided into four parts. Brahmacharya (Youth), Grihastha (Married Life), Vanaprastha (Retirement) and Sanyasa (Old Age). It has been a popular belief and practices that spiritual activities and seeking God is for those in Sanyasa.

However, in the Holy Bible (Ecclesiastes 12:1), we find a lot of emphasis on seeking God in Brahmacharya (Youth). To achieve this in the present generation, we have our youth meetings on every Saturday at 5:30 pm. We all know that physical and psychological state of youth is very different from those in old age. In spite of that, elders try to impose their way of spiritual activity on the youth. This makes youth very uncomfortable and eventually they would start to believe that seeking God is something to be taken up at a later stage in their lives.

Youth meetings at Maranatha are designed to meet the spiritual needs of the present generation youth. Filled with good fun and activities, we learn that seeking God is like relishing good food for a healthy life but not train under a dictator.